Pipeline Collateral

FreeWire Technologies builds cloud-connected mobile battery systems from second-life electric vehicle batteries. The systems are used as EV charging stations and clean alternatives to diesel generators.

Mobi Chargers Recharging and Discharging Guide

Charging speeds are typically described in kWs. Making things more complex, Level 2 charging is determined by both the car's on-board charger and the EV charger's limit while DC fast charging only depends on EV charger's limit. Our customers wanted to understand how that translated to real-world charging times for common electric vechicles.

Mobi Chargers: Flexibility

Mobile EV chargers enables many new business and operation models, previously impossible with fixed chargers. This document describes and visualizes the possbilities for our prospective customers.

Mobi Gen Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide aims to explain the product in an intuitive manner so users can start using the product right away. In creating the structure and copy of the guide, I consulted our engineers, observed the usage of the product, tested the usablity and iterated to improve its understandability.