FreeWire Logo

FreeWire Technologies builds cloud-connected mobile battery systems from second-life electric vehicle batteries. The systems are used as EV charging stations and clean alternatives to diesel generators. In the logo design, I looked for ways for the mark to embody power, energy, and circuitry while maintaining the key letters of the company name.

Visual guidelines behind the logo

Placement on products

Making sure the 53 degrees line guide on the logo translates into the product wrap designs.

Placement in apps and as icons

Mark needs to be readable as an app icon and also provide enough breathing room from the borders of the icon.

Dynamic movement

Leveraging the circuitry aspects of the logo to bring the feel of electrons completing a circuit as an indicatinon of an app loading.


Prior to the final logo I considered 5 others and simply sketched them out. I brought 3 of them to digital life.