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Feasible Inc., is a pioneer in battery inspection and metrology. Their EchoStat platform combines ultrasound and machine learning to screen battery cells on structural level for results of unprecedented accuracy. This breakthrough test method is a rapid non-invasive test method that tackles the biggest challenges in battery manufacturing.

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Moving waves visualized with p5.js using some Perlin noise brought me joy to work on

Site Snapshots

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Visit the live site: www.Feasible.io


For a very esoteric topic, I had to add a few more steps to my usual process.

  • Thorough read-through of the scientific papers published by the founders (the tech was born out of Princeton U.)
  • Interviews with the founders to better understand the product roadmap
  • Interviews engineering team to fill in the gaps and further understand the state of the technology
  • Drafting up the copy and refining it with my CEO until we captured the right message
  • Identifying search engine optimized terms through industry and competition research and making appropriate subsitutions

This addition to the site was born out of an interview with 2 engineers. They voiced their frustration that when they speak about their technology, the points are difficult to grasp. "However, the audience's eyes light up after seeing us demo a voltmeter measurement in comparison to ours" I decided that had to be visualized on the site.

The work on the website design started with conventional layout and style mockups.

But in a small startup where you play the marketer, designer, and developer you can let some sideways movement slide. The version of the site in the original mockups was brought to life. Soon after, many new ideas spawned and we took a very ad-hoc approach in bringing about new updates - lots of pencil and paper, whiteboarding, and verbal communication.