About Serena

I’m a full-stack marketer and designer with a strong technical background. Originally educated as a civil engineer, my interdisciplinary skillset has been enhanced with 3D design, web development, UI/UX design, and marketing strategy and execution. However, it’s not the act of marketing and designing that excites me. Rather, using my marketing and design skills to deliver value and progressing towards a vision I’m passionate about that gets me hopping out of bed every morning.

I’m extremely passionate about emerging tech, especially those pertaining to sustainability and blockchain. I’m not super picky. Mobility, AI, brain imaging, life extension. It is all fascinating. To be studying all these fields simultaneously, some would call this a lack of focus. I disagree. It’s part of the process to develop one of my more unique abilities - identify patterns and connections to make cross-field advancements.

For my old 3D work, see SerenaDoesArt.com.

Drop me a line! [email protected]