FreeWire Technologies Website


FreeWire Technologies builds cloud-connected battery systems for on-site power and battery-backed EV charging. This was company website from 2016 to early 2019. Design and implementaion was a one-woman task for me in the early days. Process documentation helped up eventually offload the maintenance of the site to an external consultancy agency.

Site Screenshots


Process Documents

Copy messaging was a collaborative effort between me and the stakeholders. I made a few documents to assist with the process.

Site Map
Low Fidelity With Copy Placement
High Fidelity

I created high fidelity mockups to align the team on visual look and feel.

Build time! The site was created with a Square Space starter and lots and lots of custom code blocks. I knew this way of building was not optimal and would eat into our site loading speeds but I decided it was more important to push out the site. I simply flagged it as an issue to dig into heavily later on.